The Power of Playing with Boxes

A cardboard box is a simple, yet powerful play choice when it comes to fostering imaginative play. The box can transform into different settings and scenarios depending on the child’s creativity and interests on the day. Whether it be a spaceship, base, office, shop, garage, tent, library, or cozy home for a family of stuffed … Read more

Tips for Starting School 

Starting school is such an exciting and important milestone for a child and their family. Change will be a big part of this transition with new people, places, experiences and feelings. There are many ways to build a child’s familiarity with the changes and support a confident transition to ‘big school’.  Help your child to … Read more

Triple P’s top 10 tips for parents

When your child wants to show you something, stop what you are doing and pay attention to your child. It is important to spend frequent, small amounts of time with your child doing things that you both enjoy. Give your child lots of physical affection – children often like hugs, cuddles and holding hands. Talk … Read more

How can I get my child to listen to me?

We have all experienced this, and as children, we may well have done the same to our parents. Our children have busy lives, with usually very busy, multi-tasking parents. They get engaged in playing, can retreat into their own world, be completely absorbed when using devices or screens, and can be quickly distracted by anything … Read more

Failing can be learning and helps build resilience

Protecting children from failing and going above and beyond in some cases to ensure a child’s success is often thought to be in the best interests of the child, ensuring their self-esteem and confidence remain intact. However, experiencing failure actually prepares children for life. ‘Having a go’ and learning through trial and error encourages persistence … Read more