Working together to
grow confident, caring,
resilient children.

Pathways for Parents is a personalised consultancy where Chris Curtain works alongside parents to foster confidence, resilience and empathy in their children.

Pathways for Parents has three key support pathways that are flexible in structure and suitable for families with children under 12 years of age. Chris collaborates with parents to develop a family’s individualised pathway plan.


About Chris Curtain

Chris holds a Masters in Education and has an extensive career working as a teacher, leader and advisor in early childhood and primary school settings in both Queensland and overseas. 

Chris supports families and children using her first-hand knowledge and experience, along with further training as a coach and with the Triple P Positive Parenting Program.

Chris is also a dynamic presenter of parent information sessions and workshops in  Early Learning Centres and Kindergartens across the Sunshine Coast. 

Connect with Chris today and take that next step towards positive change.

The Approach

Tailored Support:

Chris knows that every family’s needs are different. She will work closely with you to understand specific challenges, concerns, and goals, and to create a personalised pathway plan that suits your family’s dynamics.

Coaching Sessions:

Individual coaching sessions enable Chris to provide you and your child with undivided attention and support. These sessions are a safe space to express concerns, share successes, and work collaboratively towards parenting goals.

Empowering Parents:  

You will learn specific strategies that will be explained, demonstrated and tailored to suit family contexts. 

As the strategies and home structures take effect, and confidence grows, you will be able to draw on the new ideas and skills to independently respond to other situations.