How Pathways for Parents can help you and your child

Chris Curtain works with families and children under 12 years of age. Pathways for Parents has three key support pathways that are flexible in structure. Chris collaborates with parents to develop the family’s individualised pathway and plan.

Pathway to Positive Parenting

Learning positive parenting strategies to build strong relationships with your child and effective ways to respond to behaviours.

Chris is equipped with Triple P training, a Positive Parenting Solutions program designed to support parents to improve parenting skills and build positive relationships with their children.

By using the Triple P scaffold, combined with a range of other recognised approaches, Chris works closely with parents and provide support in various aspects of their child’s development.

Parents explore effective ways to respond to children’s behaviours and identify structures to use at home. 

Whether it’s fostering cooperative behaviour, promoting healthy routines, or encouraging emotional regulation, Chris works with parents to establish the pathway moving forward. 

Chris is also a dynamic presenter. Working closely with Directors of Early Learning Centres and Kindergartens, Chris creates and delivers relevant and practical parent information sessions and workshops.

Pathway to Social and Emotional Learning

Learning how to help your child develop social and emotional skills and self-regulation, supporting them to have positive connections and interactions with others.

All feelings we experience are valid, especially the BIG ones. The learning on this pathway includes:

  • Recognising feelings
  • Learning ways to manage the response to feelings
  • Exploring self-regulation strategies
  • Developing social skills needed to build and maintain connections with others

Coaching sessions will introduce children and parents to the ‘Zones of Regulation’ framework which is easily adapted for use in the home environment. 

  • Sessions are tailored to suit a child’s unique needs and developmental stage.
  • Children learn to identify feelings, healthy ways to express emotions and strategies for coping in challenging situations.
  • Parents learn a range of strategies to support and develop co-regulation in the home environment.
Chris also creates and delivers relevant and practical parent information sessions and workshops that support parents in Early Learning Centres and Kindergartens. 

Chris is an advocate for teaching these essential skills early in life, assisting children to become more self-aware, empathetic and resilient individuals.

Pathway to Prep

Learning about starting school, and what is needed for your child to have the best start in this formal environment. 

Transitioning to “big school” is a significant milestone for both parents and children and involves many changes and new experiences.

Chris specialises in equipping families and young learners with the skills and mindset for a successful school journey. Her thorough knowledge and experience in the early years ensures she understands exactly what is needed for a confident start to Prep.

The focus on this pathway is:

  • Recognising the changes that starting school will bring.
  • Celebrating the child’s strengths and identifying continued areas of development.
  • Developing a plan with strategies, routines, resources and experiences that will promote this development.

Chris is a valuable resource when considering a child’s readiness for school. Her insight can assist parents to make an informed decision that best supports their child’s developmental stage.

Chris is also a dynamic workshop presenter. Working closely with Directors of Early Learning Centres and Kindergartens, Chris creates and delivers a practical parent information session called Prep is Next that gives parents tips on exactly what to expect and ideas on how to make the move to Prep a successful one for both the child and the parents. 

Resources and Support

At Pathways for Parents, you will receive a wealth of valuable resources, including tip sheets, articles, podcasts, books, activities and experiences to help you continue on the new pathway beyond coaching sessions. Visit the blog page for more information.

Parent Information Sessions and Workshops

Understanding that parents play a vital role in their child’s emotional growth, Chris conducts informative and interactive workshops to empower parents with effective techniques to support their child’s emotional well-being at home. These workshops provide a safe space for parents to share experiences and learn from each other. 


Prep is Next  is a practical parent information session that Chris creates and delivers in Early Learning Centres and Kindergartens. Chris works closely with Directors to plan and tailor the presentation to meet the context, identifying key things to expect and be ready for, and ideas on how to make the move to Prep the best it can be for both children and parents. 

Contact PATHWAYS FOR PARENTS for more information.


Parent Information Sessions and Workshop fees start at $300.  

The hourly coaching and consulting rate is $140.

The following parent introductory packages are currently available.

Pathway to Positive Parenting – $395

Includes two coaching sessions, follow up communication check-ins and relevant resources 

Pathway to Social and Emotional Learning – $495 

Begins with a parent meeting, followed by three coaching sessions with children and parents, as well as follow up communication after each session. 

Pathway to Prep – $385

Includes two consultations with parents and children, and a plan moving forward – a practical guide on how to support a child’s development in preparation for school.

Pathways are flexible and can be personalised to include all three areas of support. 


Contact Chris at PATHWAYS FOR PARENTS for more information.