Push and Pull – The Benefits of Play Involving ‘Heavy Work’

Is your young child starting to push and pull objects? Maybe even moving things like coffee tables or even the highchair!
We brainstormed at a Raising Mamas Playgroup morning,  simple things that you have at home that your growing baby could use to push and pull. We came up with a washing basket as a safe play option. Pushing and pulling a washing basket is described as ‘heavy work’ and for toddlers and young children, and can be hugely beneficial. As the young body uses muscles to push and pull, the feedback received can help to calm and regulate the child’s nervous system. This post from LoveEvery compares this to us being calmed or soothed by a body massage. Many school age children also benefit from ‘heavy work’ activities to calm and regulate emotions. The article is a great read, explaining the benefits of Heavy Work to the body, and gives more simple ways to create ‘heavy work’ play at home.

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